I want to cover peer-reviewed ed research but I’m not sure where to start..

Here’s a list of peer-reviewed journals that generated at least one story or blog idea for me during the spring/winter of 2014, when I was filling in for Sarah Sparks on Education Week’s  Inside School Research blog.peerreviewedjournalsforedwriters

Peer-reviewed Journals That Might Interest Education Writers

I got at least one blog idea from these journals during the spring/winter of 2014, when I was filling in for Sarah Sparks on Education Week’s  Inside School Research blog.


The American Educational Research Association’s journals:

These were probably my most frequent source of ideas. Subscriptions are currently free to working journalists who contact AERA’s PR people. The American Educational Research Journal in particular is a good source of potential stories as well as a journal that is viewed by academics as being one of the most prestigious in the field. (Supposedly one article in this journal can get you a tenure track job!)


American Educational Research Journal

Review of Educational Research

Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis

Educational Researcher


Other journals that were the source of blog items/stories:


Economics of Education Review (It seems like almost every article in this journal is a potential news story.)

 Teachers College Record (Another virtual fountain of newsy pieces.)

Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness

Educational Policy (Not a top journal but very timely! I got multiple ideas here.)

Education Finance and Policy

American Journal of Education (Good source of multiple stories.)

Journal of Policy Analysis and Management

Sociology of Education (Many stories here)

American Sociology Review

Journal of Political Economy

Journal of Educational Research

Journal of Educational Data Mining

Educational Technology & Society

IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing

Sleep Medicine

Annual Review of Sociology

Journal of Experimental Education

Journal of Research in Music Education

American Journal of Sociology

Journal of Adolescent Health

Journal of Educational Psychology

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy

International Journal of Play

School Effectiveness and School Improvement (Another story fountain)

Annual Review of Psychology (Love the way this publication is written in accessible language.)


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